CM Series

No artificial additives.  That’s been our approach to sound quality from the very beginning.  It’s exactly the same with the new CM Series.  By using our most refined drive unit technologies, developed for reference-standard speakers like the 800 Series, we’ve been able to hone the speaker down to its purest essentials.  The CM Series uses crossovers of remarkable simplicity and quality, so what you hear is that much closer to the sound of the original recording.  In its functional perfection and understated elegance, it’s nothing less than a masterpiece.  Pure and simple.

Treble.  The tweeter in the CM Series is tuned to perfection – and we’ve made sure the crossover sings in perfect harmony.  It’s a partnership that produces sweeter, truer high frequencies than you’d ever imagine possible.

Midrange Kevlar®.  It’s impervious to bullets, and just as good at stopping distorting speaker cone resonances dead in their tracks.  Combine it with high-end technological refinements like FST™, and you’ve got a midrange that’s anything but middle of the road.

Bass.  Rock-solid construction and a good set of lungs are the secret to bass with both power and control.  They’re qualities the CM Series has in spades.

Finishes.  We’ve paid a lot of attention to what goes on inside a CM Series speaker.  So it would have been a shame to forget about what’s happening on the outside.  Thanks to a range of high quality finishes and a painstaking attention to design detail, the CM Series looks every bit as fabulous as it sounds.