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Monster XP® - Compact Advanced Speaker Cable

  • Specially designed cable windings for more accurate transfer of music signals
  • Patented Magnetic Flux Tube® construction breaks up internal magnetic fields for more natural music reproduction
  • Linear Polyethylene (LPE) insulation around conductors reduces dielectric signal loss
  • Available with easy-to-terminate Gold Pins® with our exclusive LockNotch® design and flexible OmniFlex® insulators for an improved connection
  • Comes in clear and Navajo White

Product:  XP Spool – 100401 – RRP $6.95 p/m
Product:  XP Navajo White Spool – 100430 – RRP $7.95 p/m

$6.95 per metre
Recomended Retail Price

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”The shape of bass notes is always very distinct”

“The precision of image placement was what struck me”

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