Right now, in the audiophile marketplace, who is bigger, bolder, more ubiquitous, or more iconic than Harmon Luxury Audio’s Mark Levinson brand?

That is a tough question. Because the Levinson house sound has become such an obvious benchmark of today’s high-end sound; and, Levinson’s black and brushed aluminum styling seems fresher, and more classic than ever.

That is what I was thinking when I first spotted the new Mark Levinson № 519 streaming, disc and digital audio player.

I also thought how the № 519 is one more example of today’s move away from elaborate separates and their tendency to expand and colonize our domestic spaces. The $20,000 USD № 519 is an audiophile-grade machine that features a 32-bit precision DAC with ESS converter, three selectable filters, and seven power supplies. It plays CDs and MP3 burns. Both silver-disc formats have recently re-discovered their cache and are making comebacks in an audiophile environment that is rapidly becoming more format-diverse. In response, we are seeing a new wave of audio products featuring CD-disc drives in the same box as streamers.

In addition to playing discs, the Mark Levenson № 519 is Roon-Ready and MQA certified. It has six digital inputs including balanced, coaxial, optical, and USB asynchronous. It includes an analogue volume control and a headphone amp. It has Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer, Rhapsody/Napster, and internet radio built in. It includes Blue Tooth with APTX. And, it is designed and built in the USA.